Wednesday, 10 June 2009

This is the colormap with John as well as the three synoptics.

Because of the way color-blending works, John's colors are calculated differently.

1. John only is brown.

2. Any other color in John shows shared content with the same color in the other gospels, so Yellow appearing in John shows shared content in Matt + Mark. Note that the opposite isn't true: Yellow in Matt doesn't mean it is shared with John.

3. There is no indication at all in the first three gospels of what is shared with John. The colors in the first three are purely indicating sharing between the 3 synoptics.

Clearly John hasn't got a lot of connections with the others, except for the crucifixion narrative.


  1. Sabio Lantz said...
    Wow, this is fun. Glad I finally found you !
    pascale said...
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    Ian said...

    Thanks for leaving the comment, and thanks for striving to communicate what you see as the good news.

    Unfortunately I am not a believer, and would be very unlikely to be swayed from that by a historical Jesus work, so I'm probably not a good target for you.

    aleichem shalom.

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