Monday, 25 May 2009


This blog is intended to hold notes and result from my dalliances with computational linguistics and the New Testament.

My aim at this point is to play around with the NT in order to practice my greek and the learn more about the text. There are a couple of areas I'm interested in:

First is learning more NT greek. I learned greek in my theology degree, and have kept up with it to a modest level. But I'm still a real amateur, so I'm interested in whether mathematical engagement with the text can help me master the language quicker or more fully.

Secondly I'm interested in the Synoptic Problem, and in particular whether there are analyses that can shed light on them. I think there are some techniques from bioinformatics that could directly illuminate these problems, but getting to the point where I can do that analysis would be tricky.

Thirdly I'm perpetually interested in visualization in lots of contexts. Visualization is time consuming, but if I get time it would be good to post some graphs, charts and other images here.


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